Trojan Camel

An Installation

Remnants from the Near East Fair – the feathers of the flying camel, the fair's logo; powder to grow wings, old entry tickets, playing cards, archive documents and an abundance of wonders the likes of which had never been seen before. All of these, which did or did not exist during the time of the Near East Fair, are installed here as part of a piece of furniture made from wooden microscope storage boxes, an old drafting table and chests of drawers. Either a camel' a chest of drawers or a wondrous cabinet of curiosities – this hybrid animal bears the message of progress from the West to the East. The constant ticking of a metronome, clashes with the ringing of the flying camel's bell, accompanies the unstoppable journey of "the official and correct time," and the inevitable suppression of the "other time."

The installation is inspired by the European "cabinets of curiosities" that displayed, beginning in the 16th century, rich collections of natural objects and various finds, creating worlds of archival and scientific aesthetics and expressing in their unique way the power of Europe and its ability to appropriate and plunder natural and cultural treasures from all over the world.

This work was first presented during Jerusalem Design Week, 2019, in the exhibition "Camels in the Air." Curators: Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari and Gilad Reich.

Construction and carpentry: Nissim Wahaba

Flying Camel Candy design and production: Hila Hochman Confiserie

© 2017 Leoni Schein