The Municipal Archive Portfolio Project

An Archival Installation 

'The Municipal Archival Body' mirrors the archive cached in the basement of Tel-Aviv's Engineering Administration building. The corresponding, alternative archive, reorganized and re- cataloged in an attempt to reinvigorate the interaction between the municipal bureaucracy, the city's planners and its inhabitants shifts the center of gravity from the public and technical planning process to a personal and emotional narrative.

Displayed within closets and niches of the third-floor apartments at 29 Idelson Street is a likeness of the archive that was dismantled and reassembled – proposing an alternative method for conserving the materials in the municipal archive. Viewers can thus bypass the gatekeepers of the municipal archive and encounter the "body of the archive" from a different perspective. 

Three means for classifying the materials are offered:

  • Formaldehyde bottles

  • Microscope slide samples

  • Petri dishes

This installation focuses on German architects or architects who were trained in Germany, and on buildings that were erected in Tel-Aviv between 1909 and 1948.

The Municipal Archive Portfolio Project 

© 2017 Leoni Schein