Municipal File 6902/30

An Installation by Leoni Schein

Curator: Orit Mor

Photography: Nitzan Krimsky

An entire Archive created from one archival record: the municipal file of the building on 6 Arlozorov street, Tel Aviv. A site-specific installation based on extensive historical and archival reasearch. The installation draws on the bureaucratic file but creates a new context, a new narrative and a creative interpretation to the "dry" material. A botanical collection, an archaeological excavation, a police-like investigation and more - all emerge from the urban research of one building in one neighborhood in one city.

The installation, presenting itself as a live and working archive touches issues such as transparency of archives, types of material collected, methodologies of conservation and systems of classification.

Displayed at The Lobby art gallery,

Tel Aviv, October-December 2017

© 2017 Leoni Schein